Our brand new club proudly presents to you, each Thursday through Saturday, LIVE music by Christian Becker. Beginning in September, each Tuesdays through Sundays the HORNS ORCHESTRA BECKER performs in between the hours of 20 and 23.

The club’s spacious indoor theatre consists of 800 seats while  the outdoor garden theatre can hold up to 500 seats. You can also enjoy a meal of tasty German delicacies or simply relax with a savouring beer in the club’s interior restaurant which holds 120 seats.  Among other speciatly items on their menu, you can indulge in a Romanian and German tradition of skinless sausages prepared of minced meat, grilled to perfection. You can also find on the grill German sausages, beef steaks and many more.

We invite you to try our unique brand of beer, filtered or unfiltered, renound for its distinct taste and freshness. It is personally brewed of a secret Becker recipe in the club’s private brewery; An aspect which adds to the exclusivity of our club.

BECKER BRAU LIVE MUSIC is a Premium location with live music performances. Our ongoing motto is “KEEP THE MUSIC ALIVE

We are appropriately equipped with a “top of its class” surround sound system that distributes an even and clean sound throughout each floor. Our  digital Yamaha mixer with its 48 channels is a unique piece of technology for a club in Romania.

Our stage and dancefloor entice you with the newest in intelligent lighting systems, pricipally based on Moving Heads with lights.

The design of the club is in part due and in part dedicated to the owner’s passion for guitars. At the entrance, you are instantly greeted by a model Fender Stratocaster 15 meters tall, resting on the roof, whose body is outlined by a neon light fixutre, setting the mood for the interior. Inside you can allow yourself to be distracted by a dazzling layout of Gibson and Fender models, larger than life, which decorate the ceiling. If that is not enough, you also have the pleasure to see an array of display cases, each containing a special collector’s item Gibson and Fender guitar.

You are always welcome to visit us!

Christian & Dagmar Becker