Our technology fulfill the German law of the beer purity, since 1516, water, malt, and hops

Hops and malt, from God we got.


The barley must be carefully selected from the best German regions and has to be cleaned intensively, after insertion to germinating for about 1 week, will result a carefully parching which will become malt.

In the copper boiler (the so called heat boiler and molding boiler), the brewer master is mixing carefully the grinded malt with hot water (source water from 300 m. below ground) and after this procedure will result a sugar-molded sweet of malt. Right after the all amount of molded-sugar will be placed in a molding boiler, the grains chaff will shape on the ground of a bolter and will obtain a surface of a natural filter; the must will slowly flow in the heating boiler, meanwhile the draft is restrained.

After the draft collecting in the heating boilers, the brewer master will boil it with fresh “pellets “of hops from the Bayerische Hallertau region, until obtaining the desired smooth flavor.

After 10 hours of hard work, the brewer master will transfer the must in the “rotap” where under a centrifugal procedure will be obtained a clear liquid which will be transferred through a cooling boiler until the must will reach a 10 degrees Celsius temperature, and sent to the fermentation boiler, where the yeast sowing process will take place, finally by reaching alcohol and CO2.

After approximately 7 days the fresh, foamy, and acidified beer, is ready.

The beer doesn’t have yet the maturity for a remarkable flavor desired by our thirsty customer, thus the beer will undergo in the secondary fermentation boilers, where after a carefully14 day’s preparation will cross several temperature phases until the beer will reach the maturity.

From this moment, your mug doesn’t wait but only to be filled.